FTC ‘Fotonovela’ Tells Latino Community How to Avoid Car-Buying Problems

The FTC is offering Manuel esquiva un lío al comprar un carro, its newest Spanish-language fotonovela that tells readers how to avoid car-buying trouble. The fotonovela tells a story of what happens when a family buys a minivan with dealer financing, only to be told later by the dealer that the financing fell through and that, to keep the car, they have to accept a […]

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Stolen Passwords: How to Better Protect Yourself

Original Article from FTC: www.consumer.ftc.gov With hundreds of millions of usernames and passwords exposed by breaches recently in the news, you may be wondering how to keep your information safe. Whether you’ve been part of a breach or not, it’s a good time to take steps to protect your usernames and passwords. Here are some valuable reminders for everyone: Use multi-factor authentication, when it’s available.Multi-factor authentication […]

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Have You Been Sued By Midland Funding LLC? Here Is Some Useful Information

Midland Funding is a third party debt collection company. Midland does not have any of its own employees, but rather is a shell company for an entity known as Encore Capital Group. The company known as Midland Credit Management is another company under the Encore Capital Group umbrella. Midland Credit Management Division is responsible for servicing the debt collection accounts or stated another way, Midland […]

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