Together We Stand a United Force

As fire brightens the darkest places, a group of young men experienced the freedom and power of bringing their past trauma to light.

As a group of men were sitting around a bonfire, one man revealed their story of child sexual abuse. The boldness of this individual to speak up, inspired other men around the fire to disclose their own child abuse traumas. As the stories were shared, the men felt encouraged and empowered that together they had a voice; together they could make a stand. Over the following days, all of the men reported their abuse to the police which spurred a successful investigation of the abuser.

Inspired by this event, Ryan Soscia has endeavored to create a medium for victims of abuse to report and connect their case anonymously. Using encrypted algorithms, the program will allow victims to report their abuse. If facts or names match other reports, the program will alert the user of the matching report(s). If there is a match and the victim desires to take civil action, the program will connect the victim with an attorney trained in this area of the law.  As this new program, JDoe, is being launched, it is believed to help empower and encourage victims. As child sexual abuse is repeatedly, the most unreported crime, Soscia endeavors to provide a safe, secure, and powerful medium for victims to unite and be heard.  We, at the Russo Law Firm, are here to advocate and take civil action for the abused and injured.

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