FTC Shuts Down Another Credit Repair Company

It seems that every week the FTC is shutting down another company making ridiculous claims about how that company can miraculously repair your credit in record time.  The credit repair process is a complex process that takes time, patience and hard work.  If you have bad credit, then it is unlikely that your credit became bad over night, but rather was a long and gradual process.  Just like it took time for your credit to deteriorate, it also takes time to rebuild your credit.  After all, your credit score is a short cut for companies to determine your trustworthiness.  We all agree that in any relationship trust is not built overnight.

The Russo Law Firm does not handle credit repair matters.  We just post about this often, because this is a significant issue for many of our clients.  We would be happy to help you find an attorney who specializes in this area and practice.

The company with the trade name “Deletion Experts” that was shut down by the FTC had several names including Inquiry Busters and Top Tradelines.  The individuals held responsible are Douglas Filter and Marcio G. Andrade.

The FTC charged the above stated company and individuals with using deceptive websites, unsolicited emails, and text messages to target consumers with false promises of substantially improving consumers’ credit scores by claiming to remove all negative items and hard inquiries from consumers’ credit reports.  Additionally, charges included that the above stated company and individuals falsely claimed to substantially improve consumers’ credit scores by promising to add consumers as “authorized users” to other individuals’ credit accounts, a practice known as adding “tradelines” or “piggybacking” credit.

For the full article follow the following link to the FTC website.

FTC Stops Operators of Fake Credit Repair Scheme